Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Take part in Cardiff Online!

With only a couple of months to go before this year's IATEFL conference, the online presence is already starting to grow. Click on the image to go through to the official IATEFL website.

This year promises to be even bigger and better with more abstracts, audio and video of the conference plus the chance to contribute to the debate.

If you're going, be sure to drop by to my presentation on the Thursday to say hi. If not, I'll see you online!


  1. Hi Richard
    Thanks for putting the Cardiff Online banner on your blog.
    Please come and say 'hello' in Cardiff
    Best wishes
    Julian & the Cardiff Online team

  2. No problems Julian. I'll be sure to come and say hello.

  3. Hi Richard,
    I'm Burcu from Turkey. I'll be in Cardiff too.I have a presentation called "ELT Meets the Blogosphere" on Wednesday.I'll be talking about my blogging experience with 5th grade students. I will definitely attend your session! My class blog is http://tedistanbul5thgraders2009.edublogs.org and EFL blog is http://burcuakyol.edublogs.org. I'll be happy if you visit my blogs and leave your comments:)
    Best wishes,
    Burcu Akyol

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