Thursday, 10 July 2008

Sussex DOSA Presentation

Last night, I gave a presentation to around 30 teachers in Brighton on the topic of Using Technology in the Classroom. As it was only an hour, it was tricky to squeeze so much information in, but hopefully everyone went away with an idea or two.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation:


  1. Hi! I'm developing a thesis on how blogs and podcasts (in teaching English) can enhance students'communicative competencies and literacy, as well foster their interest and participation in class. I work with young learners (all students in class have special needs) and you can check our work at
    Congratulations for your blog.

  2. Great to hear from you Ana Paula! Ihad a look at your blog and its fantastic - i love all the different media you have used to make it so engaging. I love to read more about your thesis - something I am looking at doing myself as part of my MA course.

    Good luck with everything and keep in touch!