Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Windows Live Writer

Just trying out Windows Live Writer... a slightly easier way to publish blog posts.  As it is a downloaded piece of software, adding images, videos etc is a lot quicker than having to wait for them to upload before publishing.  Another nice advantage is that it can download any customised styles/templates you have set up on your blog, so you get a "live preview" - you're writing as it will appear on the blog.

Free and compatible with most blog services, might be worth a look...


  1. EXCELLENT tip, Richard -much needed way to save time! You've a great blog and I'm going to bookmark your slideshares on delicious to share with my colleagues.

  2. Thanks Karenne... I hate to give Microsoft any more credit, but sometimes they really do hit the nail on the head!

  3. Hello Richard, thought it might be off interest to your group to note that as from Word 2007 (not sure about 2003) you can post directly to a blog from Word. Just it all add pictures etc then file - publish - to blog!! Presto